Solanum Procumbens - noble herb to support the treatment of liver disease.

Solanum procumbens - Noble herb to support the treatment of liver disease. This is a familiar kind of medicinal plant, widely used in Vietnam and is one of valuable medicinal plants researched successfully in the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, it helps to detoxicate liver, lower liver enzymes.

Solanum procumbens with scientific name is Solanaceae Solanum hainanense Hance containing chemical components such as flavonoid, diosgenin, saponin steroid, acaloid solasodin and solasodinon, glycoalcaloid active elements... Currently Solanum procumbens is widely used and becomes a major component of liver tonic product such as Alcardus liver tonic product from Tamsen Pharma.,JSC.

From time immemorial, Solanum procumbens was widely used in infusion to detoxify wine and acknowledged usefulness of traditional experience, Solanum procumbens was carried out a research and applied extensively for treatment of hepatitis and high liver enzymes.
Solanum procumbens was researched carefully by leading central military hospitals of 103, 354, 115 whole country and clinical trials has given extremely positive results and good for the treatment of liver, reduced the symptoms of jaundice, fatigue, yellow urine, yellow mucosa in people suffering from liver dysfunction.. In particular, through the process of research and clinical results by experts of National Institute of Medicinal Materials in patients suffering from hepatitis has shown and proved that Solanum procumbens is a medicinal plant with perfect and effective action for liver. This herb is able to reduce concentration of virus in blood of patients, it is negative for some cases of B hepatitis virus, verified and proven its capacity of preventing, retarding the progression of quick cirrhosis.

Action of Solanum procumbens is proven by many researches of clinical trials shown this is a valuable medicinal plant with preeminent effectiveness helping to detoxify liver, anti-hepatitis, anti-hepatitis, treat of hepatic steatosis, cirrhosis and symptoms caused by liver dysfunction. Solanum procumbens is appreciated its support and treatment of liver disease by domestic and foreign scientific experts. With the great advantage for liver diseases by careful researches, Solanum procumbens has been applied for development of functional products supporting treatment of liver disease by Tamsen Pharma.,JSC, bringing consumers user-friendly, safe health product line and highly effective special treatment.