Jiaogulan Tea Bag

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Product nameJiaogulan Powder
Place of OrginVietnam
Reference price
Unit countUSD
PaymentTT or LC at sight 100%
Delivery20 days after signed sales contact
PortHaiphong port
Supply ability50MT/Month


Tea bag weight: 1.1 gr to 2.5 gr as your require

Tea bag paper orgin: Taiwan or Japan as your require

Tea bag include: thread, stamp, plastic bag outside as your require

0.5 kgzipper bag, seal bag, plastic bag,
1 kgzipper bag, seal bag, plastic bag
5 kgzipper bag, seal bag, plastic bag
10 kgzipper bag, seal bag, plastic bag inside cartoon box or jute bag
25 kgzipper bag, seal bag, plastic bag inside cartoon box or jute bag
Other packingas customer require


Effective of jiaogulan tea

1. Adaptogen: Jiaogulan contains a large amount of harmonic saponins, partly the same as in the Ginseng plant. Next to that, Jiaogulan contains its own group of saponins, called gypenosides. These gypenosides prevent stress from harming the body.

2. Antioxidants: A positive effect on the bodys own enzyme superoxiddismutases (SOD) has been proven. SOD is a high powered antioxidant needed for scavenging the body from free radicals.

3. Strengthens the heart: Jiaogulan enhances the heath ¡s pumping mechanism and therefore increases the blood supply throughout the heart.

4. High blood pressure: Like Ginseng, it brings blood pressure into the normal level, whether it ¡s high or low.

5. Cholesterol: Jiaogulan is effective in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. This also has an effect in reducing weight in overweight.

6. Helps prevent stroke and heart attack: Jiaogulan decreases clotting of blood-cells, which leads to reducing the danger of forming dangerous blood clumps. For this is the reason it also works in preventing in thrombosis.

7. Improvement of metabolism: Increased blood circulation and positive influence on blood value, leads to a stimulating and purifying effect on metabolism.



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